Auto Car Wash

NEATEN commenced its operations in the year 2010 with objective to organize the Car Cleaning segment to give the community a new definition of car care and detailing services which are not professionally followed in India.It all started as a setup with a vision to bring in the latest technologies that are globally renowned in the emerging markets in India. Advanced Technologies in automotive after sales services and professional mechanized cleaning systems were the key focus domains.

After having brought about a revolution in respective domains in recent years, NEATEN is extensively focusing on Professional Cleaning Technologies.

With increased realization of the size of the professional cleaning market and its potential wealth creation across industry verticals in India that is grossly underestimated, NEATEN is leveraging its resources to maximize its shareholders value. All along NEATEN has been identified as a niche industry player, with clear objective of maximizing the price - value proposition to its offerings & combining it with personalized services across the value chain. NEATEN's central theme of offering "Concepts for total cleaning and workplace hygiene" has been widely accepted by all industries as it offers all key services and product technologies under one roof. The theme's functioning has resulted in NEATEN being accorded as the "most preferred suppliers and consultants" for professional cleaning technologies.

Our Quality

our beginning, quality has been the constant companion of Neaten. Our quality control team keeps keen eyes on each and every product that we sold. After getting through thorough quality check, the product is being signaled to dispatch.

Our Infrastructure

A strong infrastructural base helps us to stand stable and grow higher. With the aid of highly sophisticated technologies and a team of highly skilled experts, we are at the top amongst the companies offering complete one stop solutions for Auto cleaning and Rejuvenation.We excel in every sphere of operation- be it quality maintenance, customer service and after sale service.