Windy IE Foam Compressor is an injection/extraction cleaning machine ideal for car cleaning, as it can be used with thick foam or liquid detergent. Windy IE Foam compressor is equipped with integrated compressed air unit and an external tank of 12 liters capacity, which allows the detergent refilling without opening the machine. Thanks to the special brush the foam can be spread quickly and easily on the car seats or mats and can be removed after few seconds with the transparent nozzle. Being equipped with two high depression vacuum motors, 90% of the foam is recovered with the great advantage of a very fast drying (20 min.) and a better cleaning performace. Windy IE Foam is ideal for the pre-washing of the car body, rims and engine. Using the lance with the 7 meters hose can be produced a thick foam that will stay on the dirty components, giving more effectiveness to the detergent. Windy IE Foam Compressor is also an excellent two motors wet & dry vacuum cleaner with 65 liters of tank capacity.


Voltage 220/240V - 50/60 Hz
Depression 22 kPa / 2200 mm H2O
Air suction 130 l/s
Tank total volume 65/30/40 l
Number of motors / Power 2 - 2000 (max 2400) W

2 high efficiency by-pass motors. Suction system with by-pass cooling. Stainless steel tank. Detergent pump (48W – 0,7-1 l/m – 15 bar). Professional closing hooks. Static electric shock inhibitor. Fully removable tank. 12 l. detergent tank. Shock proof trolley. Floating valve. Washable cartridge filter. 10 m power cable. Easy standing head (during filter cleaning). Traceless wheels. Accessories Ř 40. Equipped with compressed air unit and pressure gauge for foam cleaning.

AGRICULTURE: Farms, Wineries, oil mills, Fodder

GDO:Supermarkets Chains, Hypermarkets, Shopping Centres, Discount, DIY centres

INDUSTRIALE: Mechanical Workshops, Cement factories, Foundries, Steelworks

TRANSPORT: Forwarders, Railway and Underground Stations, Airport, Animals transport, Food products transport

FEED: Butchery, delicatessen, Cheese factory, Bakery, Confectionery industry, Warehouses, Fruit storage, Wineries and Breweries

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